Q&A Booyoung International Apartments

Question 1: Who is the Investor of Booyoung International Apartments project at Mo Lao, Ha Dong? (Mr Tuong – Cau Giay).

Response: Booyoung Viet Nam Co., Ltd is the Investor of Booyoung International Apartments project in Mo Lao, Ha Dong, Ha Noi. The project has got an area scale of 4.3 hecta, consists of 06 buildings; each building has got 30 floors and 02 base grounds and total capitals estimated is 171 million USD. (Booyoung Viet Nam has got a mother company to be Booyoung Korea Co., Ltd with a big operation scale in Korea, speacializing in providing construction service, especially civil construction and electricity service)

Question 2: Which building will be sold first? and how much? (Mrs Lan – Ha Dong).

Response: CT07 building will be sold in the firstly selling open of Booyoung International Apartments Project. It is located in the premium area to be nearby main road Nguyen Trai, Tran Anh, Big C-Ha Dong supermarket and HoGuom Plaza. In terms of the price, we are trying to complete all procedures and then release the price per square metter of each flat. The price will be soon updated at our website

Question  3: When being finished, the base ground campus of building that will be separated from surrounding residental houses, won’t it? can anyone walk in that campus? (Mr Dung – Mo Lao)

Response: After finishing, the base ground campus of the building shall be intersected with the surrounding residental areas. It is designed to be an open space and it means that everyone may go for walk there.

Question  4: How will 04 commercial floors be used? and will the Investor open more commercial floors in the future? (Mr Tien – European oversea village)


+ 04 commercial floors are on the first, second, third and fourth floors in each building.

+ Regarding opening more malls, it is confirmed to be able to not. Because the design of building has to be complied with its drawing as well as agreements with authorities.

Question  7: I have been heard that this building is designed by Korean engineers team but the construction unit is of Vietnamese – Vinaconex, so is the construction similar to its drawings? (The Trieus – Thanh Xuan Bac)

Response: First of all, thanks for your interest about our project. As you know, Booyoung Apartment Project is designed by Korean Engineers team and actually, Vinaconex is just the construction unit of structure for CT 07 building. Moreover, there are other Korean construction units implementing other installations as electricity and water works.

You are ensured by: 

+ The process of construction complied with its design approved by Booyoung Vina.

+ Vinaconex is the construction unit that is reputable in construction field in Vietnam. Thanks to their width experience, the quality and prototype design of building will be extremely accurate.

So, you can be definitely assured of the project’s designs.

Question  8: Does CT-07 building of Booyoung International Apartment  have a backup generator? How to solve when having an outage?


CT07 Building of Booyoung International Apartments has no the backup generator system for all flats; however, it has the backup generator for elevator exits in the emergency.

Although it has no the backup power supply, the electricity system of CT 07 building is connected with 02 power supply resources as Mo Lao substation and main power line of Ha Dong EVN. Therefore, in case of cutting power, the system will switch on the supply automatically within 30 seconds.

Question  9: How many elevators in CT-07 building? How many flats are there to use elevators together? (Mr Quan – Lecturer in People Security Academy).


CT07 building of Booyoung International Apartments has the design including 07 elevators, in which consist of:

+ 05 elevators for residents.

+ 02 elevators for goods.

As designed drawing, 14 flats per floor will be use elevator together and this quantity is assured to meet residents’ demands.

Question  10: When can a buyer see the Sample flat of Booyoung International Apartments?

Response: The Sample flat is in the process of completing construction to be released by April 2017

Below is some information about Project’s Sample flat.

Sample flat of International Booyoung Apartment, Mo Lao, Ha Dong.

Sample flat on the 3rd floor of CT07 building (In front of Le Loi secondary school)

Question  11: Booyoung International Apartments project has ever been delayed before. So, can its working schedule be ensured this time?

08 years is the considerable period for real estate’s schedule and it is also the period for Booyoung Group to recognize: “Just profit cannot drive to success!”

Year 2007: We had been handed over a rights of using land of project in Mo Lao new urban area by competent authority in 2007. Due to some fluctuations of our mother company, we forced to delay project in Mo Lao, Viet Nam to concentrate into Projects in Korea.

July/2017: We (Booyoung Viet Nam Co., Ltd) re-started this project. Due to objective reason as fluctuations in the real-estate market in Viet Nam, therefore we delayed the construction work.

Febuary/2016: Start officially this project. The first building is CT07 and after that is CT04.

At this period: This project has handed over mother company as Booyoung Housing Co.,Ltd to operate, manage as well as invest capitals. Therefore, you may trust our construction schedule.

On behalf of company, we are sincerely sorry for our inadequacy in the past time as well as thanks for your interests and we shall overcome shortcomings. We promise!

Question 12: When will the project be officially sold?

Thanks for your question.

Actually, Booyoung is trying to complete final procedures to launch products as Booyoung International Apartment into real-estate market.

Expected opening time for the first building is CT07 at its roof topping ceremony in April 2017.

Thank you so much!


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